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welcome to A.I.R.
property broker agency and adviser company
Athens International Realtors' (A.I.R.) goal is to provide all-inclusive services to the potential buyer. 
The subject of sale will be checked by our experienced team of lawyers and engineers as to the legality and lawfulness.
An adept realtor will be there to assure the best deal for both parties. Finally, A.I.R.'s notary will complete the property transfer.
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Carefully picked properties for you
interesting investment proposals
Accommodation business
Ξενοδοχείο 21 διαμερισμάτων / δωματίων
Special deal: 765.000€. Standalone accommodation 705 sq.m in Edipsos, N. Evia. .  Real ROI 5.01%
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Standalone accommodation & 140sqm ground floor store in Edipsos, N. Evia island
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Land plots
Ασύρματος, Βάρη
Land plot in Asyrmatos district of Vari. Located a breath away from Yabanaki beach (Athens coastline).
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Αλθέα (Αγ. Μαρίνα, Κορωπί)
Land plot in Althea, Agia Marina Athens (7km from Varkiza resort, Athens coastline).
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Αγροτεμάχιο 10.000 τ.μ.
A lovely, approx. 10000 sqm plot 400m from St. Nicolas beach in Edipsos, N. Evia island
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Πόρτο Χέλι, Κρανίδι
255 sq.m plot within the city plan, in the most beautiful part of Porto Heli, 250 meters from the sea
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Οικόπεδο 300 τ.μ. (εντός σχεδίου)
330 sqm plot in the heart of Edipsos village in Northern Evia (inside the city plan)
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Homes - Apartments
Ano Glyfada 150.000€ Apartment 94 sq.m., in Ano Glyfada, Athens. 3km from Glyfada center & beach
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Special deal : 100.000€ Apartment  66 sq.m in Ano Glyfada, Athens. 3km from Glyfada center & beach
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140 sq.m detached house on a 2500 sq.m plot in N. Pirgos, Evia
140 sq.m detached house on a 2500 sq.m plot in N. Pirgos, Evia, 800m from the beach.
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Commercial property
Investment  property
Άσπρα χώματα - Νίκαια
Exceptional rectangular plot close to main road of Nikea, Piraeus. Can build more than 500 sq.m.
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145 sq.m. plot in Mets
145 sq.m. plot in Mets. Walking distance from Athens city center and historical places.
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6η περιοχή Νέα Μάκρης
Special deal : 35.000€.  Plot 435 sq.m about to come under the town planning in Nea Makri.
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Τσοκαϊτη, Β. Εύβοια
TWO unfinished houses with the load-bearing structure completed in Kanatadika beach, N. Evia island
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Our services
Everything you need at your finger tips
Real estate appraisals

Using the appropriate methodology A.I.R. is suggesting the market price of your property

real estate brokerage

A.I.R.'s main target is to help people find the property that meets their personal or professional needs at the correct bargain price for both parties

Legality & Lawfulness

The subject of sale must be legal, free from encumbrances. However, it is also important that the property conforms to the city plan regulations


A.I.R.'s team is always present to provide the necessary assistance and obtain the required certificates to complete a property transfer on time.

here is our some
Awesome features
A.I.R. 's  target is not only profit, It's happy customers !
Just have a look at the following key points to see how we can help ...
Be a thrifty buyer

A.I.R. helps you be a thrifty buyer by presenting you the pros ans cons of each property.

e.g. a less energy consuming building not only saves you money every day you use it but also assures a better resale price.

Be a planner

You have an exceptional plot but according to the current city plan you cannot build the required main areas on it.

A.I.R. can help you find legal ways to buy "plot ratio" rights from other buildings where it  cannot be fully utilized.

Invest in property

Buying property, either land or buildings, has always been the best and most safe long-term investment. With A.I.R. by your side, you can develop your own investment strategy to maximize your capital in the long term.

Utilizing the experiences gained throughout the years in the area of construction, energy saving, property appraisals etc., my involvement with the real estate business was an one-way trip. Thus, A.I.R. was made up of trusted professionals with whom I used to work and associate day after day. Now, altogether, have one priority...

"To  provide best quality services and consultation to all of our customers"

Yannis Papakonstantinou